A Versatile Composer and Performer


A versatile composer, arranger, and orchestrator

with a great passion for music based in Vancouver.

Contact me at dannyc1105@hotmail.com for commissions, jobs, scores/parts, or recordings

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"His striking sense of musicianship fosters deeply profound works that are unfailingly sublime – truly a distinguished composer of this generation" 

– Noah Ha, Pianist

Buy Remembrance, PEACEKEEPER, and others

A Look at D.I.D. CHOI

Music is the language of the soul; something that is created for us to be able to rejoice in. Thankfully, I have the chance to rejoice alongside a broad audience of fellow believers, music lovers, and passionate musicians. Ever since I was young, I've found such joy in making music. I’m committed to spreading that music with people all over the world. My composing abilities have continued to develop throughout the years, and I’m constantly learning more and more about the industry. Take a look around the site to get to know me, and listen for yourself to hear true musical talent.


Composition Services


As a versatile young composer, I am able to take on commissions of various scales catered to specific needs, venues, performers, etc. Feel free to contact me

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