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Composed Summer 2019

Instrumentation: 2*2*2*2* 4231 T+2 Hp Pno/Cel. Strings 

Tour of Italy Thumbnail Square.jpg

Duration: 6'50"

Inspired by the UBC University Singers' May 2019 Tour to Italy where I got to sing in some of the most important cathedrals for mass, see...

Composed Fall 2018

Instrumentation: 2*2*2*2* 4231 T+2 Hp Strings 


Duration: 12'50"

This piece conveys my thoughts and my perspectives as I walked through Gyeongbokgung, Joseon’s royal palace, built in 1392...

Composed Oct 2017

Instrumentation: 2222 4231 T+2 Hp Pno Strings

A Battle Story.jpg

Duration: 6'15"

A Battle Story takes us through a (somewhat romanticized) war experience. Wars are often started over simple matters, which grow and develop into bigger problems...

Composed Fall 2016

Instrumentation: 2222 4231 T+2 Hp Pno Strings


Duration: 6'05"

This piece will take us on an adventure through a storm. The piece begins by setting up the scene: the calm before the storm, featuring a very diatonic harmonic language...

Composed Oct 2015

Instrumentation: 2222 4231 T+2 Hp Pno Strings


Duration: 5'55"

Rushing Through the City depicts the experiences of someone making his way through a busy city. As he heads to his respective destination, he hears sirens and sees traffic-packed roads with annoyed drivers... 

Composed Late Fall 2014

Instrumentation: 2222 4231 T+2 Hp Strings

Duration: 6'50"

The piece is a romantic expression of destiny, fate, and love—depicting the journey to finding destined love.

Composed Oct/Nov 2015


Adventure in the Rockies small.jpg

Duration: 5'50"

This piece depicts my 2015 journey in the Rocky Mountains. It displays both the majesty/grandeur and the intimacy in nature of the great mountains...

Composed Summer 2014


Duration: 6'00"

A lush piece with a gorgeous, catchy melody, filled with nostalgia and longing, as well as a forward looking sense of success...

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