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Wind Ensemble


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Composed Winter 2022

Grade 1.5


Duration: 2'00"

This piece's triumphant character evokes the excitement, uncertainty, anticipation, determination, and resilience of embarking on new chapters

Composed Summer 2020

Grade 3.5

Thumbnail Square.jpg

Duration: 6'00"

Based on an exhilarating bike ride in to the woods of North Vancouver where a hidden, remote lake waits glistening in the sun

Composed Fall 2019

Grade 4.5

Peacekeeper Thumbnail Square.png

Duration: 7'06"

This exhilarating piece for Symphonic Wind Ensemble portrays the heroism, along with the conflict—both external and internal—of...

Composed June 2019

Grade 2

Rider of the Mountain Square.jpg

Duration: 3'00"

Fun and easy work for Grade 2 concert band. A heroic theme-song like work that portrays a rider on a beautiful stallion on a mountain pass.

Composed Nov 2018

Grade 3

Red Poppy

Duration: 5'00"

Winner of the CBA's 2019 Howard Cable Memorial Prize in Composition. 

In remembrance of what it took for us to be here...

Composed Fall 2017

Diverging Trails Small.jpg

Duration: 5'30"

A new work rooted in chromaticism, bitonality, and traditional harmony. It moves between Modernist traditions and Romantic gestures until eventually the piece ends with Romanticism...

Composed Spring 2016

Carpe Diem.jpg

Duration: 5'30"

Carpe Diem started with the musical elements, with the goal of creating music that would be fun for all parts of the band to play. From loud, brassy trombone parts to fanfare trumpets, from wind runs to perc...

Composed 2015


Duration: 5'00"

A Royal Dream is a piece for concert band depicting the grand and powerful dreams that a young man/woman can dream; the routes they can follow, all the destinations they can arrive at, and the vast...

Composed 2011

Ships at Sea

Duration: 3'10"

An optimistic piece written for the graduating class of 2011 at Lynn Valley Elementary School. Performed by the Lynn Valley Senior Concert Band under the direction of Dave Bradshaw May 25th, 2011. 

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