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Recording by D.I.D. CHOI using Logic Pro X:

Spitfire Chamber Winds (Flute), D.I.D. CHOI on Bb Clarinet, Cinesamples Tina Guo Solo Cello (V1 and V2), and Grandeur Piano by Native Instruments


For (opt. Flute), Clarinet, Violoncello, Piano

I. Up the Hill
II. The Final Hour

III. The Broken Veil

This work depicts the last hours and the hours following the Crucifixion. The first movement, Up the Hill, features sporadic dissonant gestures, depicting the crowd mocking Christ. The second movement,The Final Hour, is a passionate and mournful movement, depicting the struggles on the cross, Christ's love, the darkness over Jerusalem, and the final breaths after Christ's last words, "It is done." The third

movement begins violently with the events corresponding to the death such as the rock-splitting earthquake and the Temple veil being torn in two. After a final lament from the cello and the flute, the clarinet enters in major, bringing hope. The piece ends with three rising and swelling gestures, representing the three days between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection.

The piece was premiered at Vancouver Pro Musica's 2018 Sonic Boom Festival by the amazing Nu:BC ensemble (Paulo Bortolussi on Flute, Liam Hockley on Clarinet, Eric Wilson on Violoncello, and Corey Hamm on Piano). 

Student recording of the first two movements before the flute part was added and third movement composed. 

Featuring UBC Students: 
Tyler Song on Bb Clarinet, Zeta Gesme on Violoncello, and Johnathan Chan on Piano

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