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For Orchestra: 2222 4231 T+2, hp, strings.

Duration: 6'50"

Composed 2014

This piece was chosen for the Victoria Symphony's 2015 Hugh Davidson Readings.

Destined Love, an emotional and powerful piece, was composed by young Canadian composer, D.I. Danny Choi (b. 1998) at fifteen years of age. The piece was originally conceived as a large sonata form work, however, Choi decided that it would be best to leave it short and kept only the exposition section of the work with an added coda section. The piece is a romantic expression of destiny, fate, and love—depicting the journey to finding destined love.

The journey begins with a young man who has given up finding love. The somber introduction begins as each instrument family expresses hopelessness. The music takes the listener back in time to recall the memories of the young man’s failed love attempts: times when love, like a mirage, distracted him and times when he had wrestled with love's spell. Alone, this man walks his life until, as the second theme is introduced, he meets a new lady. He knows by heart that this is it, that she is his destined love and that it was fate that had brought them together. The new couple are passionately in love and overjoyed with the discovery of their destinies as the music comes to an end.

Original Version begun July 2014, finished November 2014


April 30, 2015, D.I.D. CHOI at the Alix Goolden Performance Hall, Victoria BC, for the 2015 Victoria Symphony Hugh Davidson Readings. 

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