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For Wind Ensemble

Grade 3

Duration: 5'00" 


Winner of the 2019 Howard Cable Memorial Prize in Composition by the Canadian Band Association. 

In remembrance of what it took for us to be here...

Official Program Note:

(written June 1, 2019)

“Remembrance” was written in November 2018. “In remembrance of what it took for us to be here...” was the only original program note. The piece can mean different things to different people; however, it brings unity to all under the theme of remembrance. 

We fight for many things: love, patriotism, freedom, ideology, possession...and these things brought tremendous sacrifice. It was the battles, the blood and sweat, and the sacrifice of those that came before us that created the world as we know it. "Remembrance" is a bittersweet reflection that silently gives thanks to every step and every sacrifice that was made to bring us what we have today. Yes, what we have may not be perfect or ideal, but with each generation’s responsibility to "carry the torch" and never forget, hopefully we can make everything worth it.  

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