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For Orchestra (2222 4231 T+2, Pno, Hp, Strings)

Duration: 5'10"

This piece was selected to be read by both the Victoria Symphony's Hugh Davidson Readings and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra's Jean Coulthard Readings.

Rushing Through the City depicts the experiences of someone making his way through a busy city. As he heads to his repective destination, he hears sirens and sees traffic-packed roads with annoyed drivers. After observing the myriad of different sounds around him, he finds himself walking past a recital hall with open doors. Soon the music of the recital fades and he finds himself walking past a booming jazz café, which fades into other places. 
After the various experiences, he looks around once more and absorbs the sights of the busy city. The disorderly people and the loud, honking cars overwhelm him. In order to escape the chaos around him, he stops at an intersection, closes his eyes, and experiences a moment of serenity. He peacefully reflects on his little journey until suddenly, the light switches green and the crowd of city-dwellers push him on across the crazy city.

Extended techniques and glissandi are employed to represent different aspects of cities and the lack of a solid form reflects their chaotic, disorderly nature.

This piece was composed between Oct 10th and Oct 30th, 2015.

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